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Welcome to General Affairs

Staff & Duties


Name   Robert Y.S. Chen
Position   Vice President of General Affairs

Highest Degree(s) Earned

   Ph.D, in Geography,

  National Taiwan  University

Academic Specialities

 Urban planning

 Enviromental Education

 Enviromental Perception

 Tourism Geography


 Global Change and Sustainable Development

 Tourism Geography

 National Land and Local Region Planning Research

E-mail  ecogeo@mail.nptu.edu.tw
Phone  +886-8-7663800 ext.13000



Chang Chiung-Yin
Position Assistant Specialist
E-mail ina@mail.nptu.edu.tw
Phone +886-8-7663800 ext.13001
Responsibilities 1. Managing the schedule for the Dean of General Affairs
2. Dealing with online messages
3. Managing purchasing affairs in this office
4. Managing the maintenance and cleanliness of the dean’s office
5. Collecting meeting reports and documents
6. Conducting routine clerical work